Listen: Mark Ronson Teams With Mystikal For The Funky and Great “Feel Right”

mystikal-hatAs Mark Ronson prepares his upcoming LP Uptown Special, we get another funky teaser in the form of “Feel Right.” It features the legendary Mystikal, and it is really something that jumps right off the page at you. I don’t know much about funk music, but this sounds straight funkadelic—almost like something out of the Superbad intro. Ronson, an English guitarist and producer, lays the perfect backdrop for Mystikal to sling his barrage of spastic lines and rhymes—this is far away from “Shake Ya Ass,” and I think I like this Mystikal a lot better. Anyways, the unlikely pair make magic in just under four minutes, so put a gaudily intricate silk shirt, channel your ancestors from the ’70s and get to jammin’.

Listen to “Feel Right” below.

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