Listen: Knxwledge Shares His Latest Remixes On ‘Hexual Sealings Prt.8’

Knxwledge seems to be busy on the regular basis.  Here’s a recap of what he’s been up to lately: he shared a handful of new projects on his larger-than-life Bandcamp page, added a few production credits to his growing track record, and he recently toured Japan with fellow Stones Throw label-mates Pyramid Vritra and Mndsgn.  Knx continues to cross0ut things on his long to-do list by releasing Hexual Sealings Prt.8 (the most recent release of his ongoing Hexual Sealings series), which his latest remixes of songs by artists ranging from the “MadGibbs” duo to Beyonce. I got a strong feeling we’ll be seeing first proper Stones Throw full-length soon, but this will definitely hold me over until then.

You can stream Hexual Sealings Prt.8 below, and can purchase a digital copy via Knx’s Bandcamp or a cassette copy over at Stones Throw.


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