Listen: IshDARR Asks You to “Vibe” On Latest Single

Listen: IshDARR Asks You to “Vibe” On Latest Single


I’m not sure I’ve ever written “Milwaukee” in a write-up — maybe once. Promising hip-hop artist IshDARR is from that area, and his latest release, “Vibe,” all but ensures this won’t be the last time I type his city’s name. His message is clear here, speaking to the powers of unity and progression over producer Jean Kengz’s summery, breezy beat.

IshDARR kindly informs you that nobody will stop him; honestly, I’m buying the confidence shtick and placing my bets on his success. Don’t front on the kid, he’s just drifting through time and speaking his mind. Whether from the west side, east side, wherever, really, he’s welcoming you to come forth and share a piece of positivity.

Throw those feet up on the desk and listen to “Vibe” below. You can follow IshDARR on Twitter here. Having sifted through the rest of his SoundCloud, I can confidently recommend you do the same. Stay tuned for the impending release of his debut project, Old Soul, Young Spirit, which is scheduled for a March drop.

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