Listen: Homeboy Sandman & Niachene Join ScienZe On “Decibals”

scienze homeboy sandman

It feels like much more than a year and some change has elapsed since ScienZe dropped Ella, a 20-track full length heralded as a classic in certain circles. The NYC rapper with an ear for jazz breaks and an affinity for waxing poetic recently returned with the first single for a new EP, Bring Back Ella. Its name, intrinsically linked to his aforementioned LP, is cause for excitement—as is the single itself.

“Decibals,” produced by D.R.U.G.S., kicks off with a slowed intro that could have drawn from the comedic chaos of a carnival. Not a welcoming soundscape fit for spitting, the beat soon shifts with a two-word demand from ScienZe: “Drop it.” If the sonorous, uplifting piano chords don’t get you, the trio at the track’s helm will. Homeboy Sandman steps onto the scene and emphasizes the importance of precautionary condom usage without sounding corny, and hook crooner Niachene, a frequent collaborator of Scienze’s, complements the Grade A raps with an airy chorus about runaway love.

“Maybe you’ll be blaming the factors we don’t control,” ScienZe raps at the :45 mark, distilling a tendency so many of us fall victim to in a beautifully simply bar. Check out the new song below and mark your calendars for Oct. 7.

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