Listen: GRUMBY & Heavy x Mellow Float Away On “Sippin’ Cris On The Starship Titanic”

If it feels like burgeoning producer duo GRUMBY reappeared to release a stellar song less than a week ago, it’s because GRUMBY did in fact do that. Thankfully. Several days later and the two artists return with another by their side, one Heavy x Mellow, for “Sippin’ Cris On The Starship Titanic.” The lackadaisical record is laid-back, a step away and level down from what we’re used to hearing from the song’s anchoring act. It’s also true to its title — an elegant ride on a beastly vessel in the nighttime, Cristal at the ready and not a worry in the world  — so we’re all for it. This steady stream of music all but assures a project release on the horizon for GRUMBY (fingers crossed).

The seemingly mysterious Heavy x Mellow is what I believe to be the moniker of one individual fella with a handful of tracks and a knack for atmospherics. He can sing, produce, play the guitar and he may or may not have once recorded under the name of Evv. In any case, his talents are a welcomed addition to those of GRUMBY.

I can’t imagine you suffered through those words of mine before pressing play. But if you were a good sport, exercised some patience/goodwill and read this little writeup, reward yourself by floating off into wonderland to the tune of the most fantastically titled track of the fall (see above). Follow GRUMBY and Heavy x Mellow on Twitter.

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