Listen: Elaquent Breathes Life into a Kelis Classic with “She Hates Me.”


Elaquent always impresses with his remixes, and this time around it’s no different. He returns with a reimagined version of Kelis’ “Caught Out There,” and so far I dig it more than the original. Just by listening to this joint, you can tell why he’s called Elaquent—the instrumental change up is so smooth and natural, I’m sure you could fool an unfamiliar ear into thinking it was the track’s original production. This is just a loosie that El is sharing for the free right now, but it has me eagerly waiting for something more and bigger from the rising Canadian producer.

Listen to “She Hates Me.” below.

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  1. […] Elaquent has been one of my favorite producers for I’m not even sure how many years now, and it’s for a pretty simple reason: he consistently releases good-to-great music that doesn’t sound complacent or buried in a single sound. […]

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