Listen: Danny Brown Hops On The NBHD’s Latest Track

the neighborhood danny brown

As anticipation builds for their forthcoming free album, #000000 & #FFFFFF, alternative band The Neighbourhood (The NHBD) releases “Hate Machine,” a new single with an arsenal’s worth of heavy artillery brought to you by featured guest, Danny Brown. The pairing is akin to tossing kindling on a fire.

The group builds a brooding atmosphere, half-rapping distorted lyrics over a soundscape unlike anything you’ve probably heard in awhile. Hardly following traditional song structure, the beat’s oriental strings and breathy effects sound like a fire-spewing dragon in some dimly lit dungeon. “I built this hate machine of broken dreams,” sings Jesse Rutherford.

When Brown enters the scene, the capped energy of the first half is realized. He speeds through  the track after a rainy interlude, rapping about sexual escapades and blurry, drug-fueled nights over a bed of hi-hats. “Danny Brown in that neighborhood,” he spits, making a meta reference to the band behind this exciting collab.

You can check out “Hate Machine” below—it certainly lives up to the above artwork, which pays homage to Metallica’s classic typeface. Stay tuned for more music as #000000 & #FFFFFF nears.

(via Complex)

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