Listen: Chris Smith Jr. Continues To Impress With “Don’t You Get Tired”

Listen: Chris Smith Jr. Continues To Impress With “Don’t You Get Tired”


Today, my mom taught me a lesson in accuracy and efficiency. She labeled “Everlasting Arms,” by Vampire Weekend, simply “pretty.” As we drove off through the pouring rains to see our extended family, and “Arms” provided the waterlogged evening a dash of cinematic flair, I began to list what rap tracks offered a similar feel. It’s a basic yet powerful descriptor, that word. Kanye’s “Runaway” came to mind, as did Jay Z’s “Feeling It” and a dozen or so others. The venerable series of songs earned another just a few hours later in Chris Smith Jr.’s “Don’t You Get Tired.” The St. Louis rapper sounds as playful as ever, contorting words, flows and tones without ever overstepping into other artists’ territories.

Monte Booker, who has produced all of Smith’s standout songs to date, supplements the rapper’s unspooling lyrics with harmonious, lofty sonics. The duo can craft heat together. Sly references (Karrueche earns a shout out here), praise to the Big Man upstairs and laudable agility make Chris an exciting prospect for 2015.

We’ll hammer the point home here: Chris Smith Jr. is a problem and he’s approaching the rap game at ludicrous speed, word to Space Balls. Follow the D.C. upstart on Twitter and usher in Thanksgiving with this record, seen below, which we’re admittedly grateful for. Zero Fatigue is coming soon.

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