Listen: Busdriver Spazzes Over Flying Lotus’ “Never Catch Me”

busdriver-booksYou know a performer is doing his or her job when you don’t pass out during his or her set despite the fact that you’re exhausted. Busdriver proved that point a few weeks ago when I saw him in Carrboro, N.C. on the same bill as Kenny Segal, Milo, and Clipping. on a week night. I needed to clarify that it took place during the week because I’m typically drained of energy after work, so seeing a show on a Wednesday night isn’t ideal. But I went and was in complete awe the whole time, especially when ‘Driver busted out his spastic take on Flying Lotus’ “Never Catch Me.” Thankfully, he also decided to record it to tape (or his computer, or whatever) and has now shared it with the world. When I say that you need to see him do this live, I am not joking. Your brain will melt.

Listen to “Never Caught” below. [via]

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