Listen: BoneLang Sing Smooth and Rap Sporadic on the Jazzy “Breathe Slow”

Listen: BoneLang Sing Smooth and Rap Sporadic on the Jazzy “Breathe Slow”


If I told you 20 minutes ago I awaited the forthcoming III EP from Chicagoan duo BoneLang, I’d deserve a slap across the face for fibbing. I know little about Samy Language and Matt Bones. (Here you say, Aha! What an eponymous group name.) Their latest effort has me longing to learn more.

“Breathe Slow” packs quite a few precious elements in one five-minute package. Live saxophones carry across space and time, courtesy of one Simon Dufour, with underlying production by MinusOne. Light touches, buried in the beat’s background, accent chattering drums, chimes and pianos. It’s a smooth cruise, by and large, a clean backdrop befitting a contemplative visit to an oceanside dock.

“I stayed on edge and didn’t sleep most nights.” So it goes. Language and Bones occupy a zen-like space; their deliveries flow with ease, but things never become bleary. I found myself tuning my attention toward each bar, always guessing where’d they take the next line and always coming up short. These guys keep you on your toes.

Groove to BoneLang’s single below; reward yourself for a hard day’s work and press that download button while you’re at it. You can follow the duo on Twitter hereIII drops Feb. 3.

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