Listen: Bipolar Sunshine & GoldLink Connect For The Woozy “Future (Part 1)”


UK songsmith Bipolar Sunshine and effervescent rapper GoldLink have enjoyed a fruitful 2014, both drawing from the airy, synthesized bounce of electro and cloud music to build their respective sounds. When two artists can mesh together to make a diverse playlist without losing cohesion, a collaboration grows imminent. Fortunately for us, Sunshine and GoldLink brought their talents to the table and laid down an excellent song together with “Future (Part 1).”

Frankly, I put lunch on hold just to run this record back a few times, which is to say I’m an unabashed fan of both these guys. The subtle touch of ice clanking against glass is only one of a dozen textures supplementing the pair’s vocal performance. Sunshine’s wistful lyrics don’t go without overused cliches (“You’re the perfect 10”), but the melodies are by-and-large something to behold. GoldLink holds his own, diving into a mad dash of words that damn near tumble out of his mouth. The DMV rapper has progressed as a writer, adding more depth and description to a lustful verse—his forte.

If you can get through this track without flipping your arms (and head, and hips) like Gru does as he’s joined by his beloved minions in Despicable Me, I applaud your ability to mask emotion. Expect these two artists to continue pushing their trajectory forward as the year progresses. Grab your dancing shoes and move to this slow groove of a single. You can stream “Future (Part 1)” below.

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