Listen: BenZel Remixes Jai Paul’s “Straight Outta Mumbai”

Jai PaulProduction duo BenZel (Benny Blanco and Two Inch Punch), better known for their work with Jessie Ware, shared a fantastic remix of Jai Paul‘s “Straight Outta Mumbai” last night. The ever-mysterious Jai Paul is the Jay Electronica of the electro/alternative/soul genre, and until we get that debut album remixes like this are a welcome surprise. To date Jai Paul has only officially released two singles, “BTSTU (Edit)” and “Jasmine”.

BenZel’s “Straight Outta Mumbai” remix is really down-tempo, melodic, with interspersed vocal riff’s, and still carries all the soul we’ve heard from Jai Paul in the past. The original demo of this song is way more uptempo sonically. The percussion blends and drum programming are so good on this remix. Last we heard from Jai Paul he was in studio with Miguel in November. This remix will definitely stay in rotation until we get new music from him.

Stream BenZel Remix for Jai Paul’s “Straight Outta Mumbai” below:

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