Listen: Asher Roth Raps Over A Pete Rock Beat

Listen: Asher Roth Raps Over A Pete Rock Beat

Asher RothThere was a time when Asher Roth was getting the major label pressure, forced to put out crap like “I Love College”. But those days are over, as Roth seems to have realized he is better off showing off his rapping skills over quality production. Such as this quick rap he just dropped over a classic Pete Rock beat. With that, Asher is pushing others to send him their “voice notes,” too, which appears to be an iPhone recorded verse. Perhaps this is just a way Roth is holding his fans over while he preps the release of a new project.

Listen below.


  1. nigelPOW
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 12:02:00

    i think his album is really overlooked. his misplaced hype overshadowed his talent. similar to Mac Miller’s hype after K.I.D.S. except Asher is a much better lyricist. not comparing the two because they’re both white but because of the hype and the harsh criticism they received from underground hip hop heads (because they were white rappers on MTV not named Eminem).

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