Listen: Ace Shocka Makes A Fan Out Of Potholes With ‘Godzilla’s Baby Mama’

Listen: Ace Shocka Makes A Fan Out Of Potholes With ‘Godzilla’s Baby Mama’


Many moons ago, in a crowded NYC restaurant, I crossed paths with internet sensation Ace Shocka. Calling him a sensation right now might sound overstated, but to echo Versace-clad philosopher Aubrey Graham, Just wait on it. Shocka, surely a novel name to most, ventured out to a large luncheon/gathering/opportunity-to-splurge-on-Indian-food and nothing was the same. He overtook the establishment in volatile rebellion, highjacking the speaker systems to blast his otherworldly creations at all our jiggling noggins.

I wish that’s how the event unfolded, but everything was quite normal in reality. I knew next to nothing about the young man, save for his NYU residency as a soon-to-be sophomore. Well, Shocka reentered my perception several days ago with a short and sweet spectacle: Godzilla’s Baby Mama. The title alone has me scheming to create a “Best Album Titles of 2014” piece here at Potholes; if that bad idea materializes, GBM is an immediate favorite to top the list.

Across the record’s four-song, 12-minute running time, Ace fuses futuristic cloud synths, after-hours melodies and a scattering of samples to keep listeners on their toes. He never stays complacent, straying from typical structure and progression in a manner as playful as the project artwork (seen above).

Shocka has tuned his sound for awhile now, but Godzilla’s Baby Mama sees him approaching an optimal groove. Stream the project in full below and head over to Ace’s BandCamp page for the download.

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