Lightouts – “And It Comes And Goes”

Let’s take it back to the early ’90s, shall we? Sigh, I know, wasn’t that just the best time ever? Guitar rock was king and hip-hop was proving to be one the music world’s most intriguing, and best, genres. Yes, there was plenty of shitty music then, just like there is now, but the market wasn’t as saturated so it was kind of easy to ignore all the trash. Whenever a terrible song would come on, you could turn the dial to land on a new station to hear some greatness. I’m fondly reminded of those glory days by Brooklyn’s Lightouts. Their style, like the homie Craig Jenkins said on Prefix, sounds influenced by Dinosaur Jr. with its guitar-led energy and extremely catchy songwriting. That’s especially true on Lightouts’ new single, “And It Comes and Goes”, a track that might make me dub an actual mixtape on a cassette.

Stream “And It Comes and Goes” below and hit the skip to download and stream the entire single, which you can buy here.

[audio:|titles=Lightouts – And It Comes And Goes]

Download: Lightouts – “And It Comes and Goes” [Right Click Save-As]

And It Comes And Goes single by Lightouts

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