Listen to Les Sins’ (Toro Y Moi) New Nas-Sampling Track “Talk About”

toro-y-moi-smokyRarely do side projects captivate a fanbase as much as works released under an artist’s usual name. But perhaps Toro Y Moi has cracked the code with Les Sins, his dance-inspired production offshoot that seems to be making pretty big waves. With a full-length album in Michael on the way, Les Sins liberates the opener “Talk About.” Built on an undeniable house groove, Chaz takes on a screwed Nas vocal sample from the Illmatic┬ádays (“One Love” in particular). It makes for a fulfilling dance track that is sure to ignite crowds on the live circuit. And what a wonderful indication of what’s to come of Michael, which drops Nov. 4. I just wish he let that initial vocal sample play out a bit more.

You can hear “Talk About” below and pre-order Michael on Amazon.

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  1. I love this, so groovy!

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