League of Extraordinary Gz – “$4 Blues” [Potholes Premiere]

LOEGz-4_BluesThe League of Extraordinary Gz is a seven-member group hailing from Austin, Texas with a strong command over their collective voice. This is evident on soulful, country-fried single “$4 Blues”, which we’re proud to premiere here at Potholes. It’s the latest single off their upcoming album, League Sh-t, and I get the feeling each and every one of you reading this will be able to relate to the track’s message.

The guys reflect on those days when you’re short on cash and want to spend the few dollars that you do have on anything but gas for your car. That’s especially true when a gallon costs upwards of $4, meaning that you’re likely to go flat-broke just trying to get a quarter tank. Hell, even if you can’t relate to any of this, you’re definitely going to have the hook stuck in your head for the rest of today.

You can hear the single below. League Sh-t drops Oct. 15.

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