Lazerbeak – “Let It Go” & “Bound” [Video]

We’ve been hearing about this album Legend Recognize Legend for quite some time now. Lazerbeak’s solo debut on Doomtree has been long-hyped, and finally dropped yesterday. (It should be noted that calling this a debut is misleading when Lazerbeak has been involved in a handful of projects over the past few years.) In support of the new album, we have some fresh visuals to accompany ¬†two of the album’s finest tracks. “Let It Go” takes more of a hip-hop approach, fitting nicely into the niche that Doomtree has carved out for its members. “Bound” features vocals from Dessa, and falls somewhere outside the traditional barriers of hip-hop.

Hit the skip to watch the videos for “Let It Go” and “Bound”, and don’t forget to support Legend Recognize Legend.

3. Lazerbeak “Let It Go” Music Video from Doomtree Records on Vimeo.

Lazerbeak “Bound” Music Video from Doomtree Records on Vimeo.

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  1. I seriously can’t stop listening to this “Let It Go” song. Perfect track for a fall drive. Throw your hands out the window.

  2. This dude is a god damn beast at making gorgeous, epic tunes. Great production quality and harmonies…indie rock cats and DJ Shadow heads commence to geeking out.

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