Lana Del Rey – “Ride” P. Rick Rubin

Unless she is a featured vocalist on an A$AP Rocky song, consider me over Lana Del Rey. With that said, her newest track features production from Rick Rubin, which makes it totally worth a listen at least. I wouldn’t say it is his best work, but he does do a good job of taking Lana’s vocals to the next level. I mean, this song sounds more like it should be in a movie than a deluxe edition of Born To Die. Oh, and Del Rey totally uses a bad word towards the end, as the instrumentation climaxes and this turns into one hell of an epic song.

Born To Die: The Paradise Edition is due out Nov. 13 with eight new songs, including this one down below.

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  1. Marc Almonds|

    The song is excellent and you are a loser who knows less about music than writing. Which is saying something.

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