Lana Del Rey – “Blue Jeans” (Odd Future’s The Internet Remix)

In an attempt to ride the massive hype wave that Lana Del Rey has set off, just about every producer has decided to give her cutesy vocals a remix. Fortunetly for us, that has resulted in some rather fabulous music to listen to. Balam Acab and Joy Orbison are just two of the many examples that have been popping up as of late. Next up to bat, Syd The Kyd and Matt Martians, the Odd Future production duo that has been cooking up a storm on the internet. The soft vocals of Lana are met with dark synths and even some harsh Tyler screams. A pretty interesting mix if you ask me.

Hit the skip to stream the remix.

BLUE JEANS Odd Future’s The Internet Remix by P5757575757575

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  1. shit mad cool

  2. shit mad cool

  3. This is some smooth shit right here.

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