Lakutis – 3 Seashells

lakutisLakutis – 3 Seashells
Greedhead Music: 2014

The rapper that dubs himself as Skeleton is spilling his guts out as of late. I say that in the most complimentary way possible.

Lakutis, a first generation Russian-American from Queens that beholds the grimy, New York cultivated attitude has grown prominent over the past few years with his tempestuous sound – one influenced by the punk rock scene in his hometown. Lakutis always possessed the anti-conformist sound that first sprouted during his days with Das Racist, but 3 Seashells takes one leap further into his goal of artistic obscurity. In turn, he shows his audience what he’s truly capable of.

Building off his 2011 EP I’m In The Forest, Lakutis sticks to a similar sound with dark and distorted beats that cater to his self-described “experimental structure”. But in the three years since his last piece of solo work, Lakutis has morphed into much more than a mirror image of his former brethren in Das Racist: major changes in flows that emphasize his warped mind have taken shape. Just a few weeks ago Lakutis unveiled the visuals for the strongest song on the album, “Jesus Piece”. With a warped and dark beat manufactured by Steel Tip Dove, Lakutis pairs powerful lines with strong visuals that you cannot rid from your hippocampus. With blood pouring from his nose, dripping down his chin and even temporarily staining his gold teeth, Lakutis says, “Look at the fuck have you done/ Made a world where the father doesn’t know his son/ But the drugs let the child know God if he want”. He brings to light the dark side of reality that many turn away from. Lakutis captures the bestial side of humanity, and everyone’s attention in the process.

While his demeanor has relatively stayed the same throughout his career, Lakutis develops a distinct voice in this album. It’s higher pitched, with a bit of crazy seeded at it’s core and he carries his rhymes without regard for the beats, all while displaying a maturity in poetic voice. He hits you with a slurry of alliterations in songs like “Too Ill for the Law” with lines like “One finger salute to the coppers/ When I die please CC my PO/ Send the deceased to CCCP/ Bury me with more gold than C-3PO” and while this may seem nonsensical it is indeed filled with meaning, describing his beliefs of anti-establishment, his Russian upbringing, and even his affinity for gold (which he sports on two of his teeth).

Lakutis gives an insight to his animalistic and weeded life in the New York urban scene and delivers both extreme lyrics and visuals. 3 Seashells is more than Lakutis coming-out party, it’s his metaphorical middle finger to the societal norms that people have grown comfortable with. He largely does this album by himself, with the exclusion of DVS’s tongue-twisting verse on “Black Swan”.  From the clamorous beats to the vocals he lays over them, Lakutis is able to convey his lifestyle (his long hair, unkempt appearance, and gold teeth) into the spoken word. If you close your eyes while listening to some of these songs, you’ll actually think your hanging on the New York streets with ‘Kutis himself.

3.5 out of 5

You can buy 3 Seashells via Bandcamp.

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  1. Bloodmoney Perez|

    record is seriously dope. i think 3.5 is fair at first. have a feeling this is going to grow into a favorite for a lot of people./

  2. Le Magnifique|

    Id give a 4
    excellent album!

  3. Amazing album. I’d prob say it’s a 4.5. Good review though

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