Kool A.D. Explains Das Racist’s Breakup

Kool A.D. Explains Das Racist’s Breakup

The rumor mill continues to turn, but thankfully the members of Das Racist have been pretty transparent as far as explaining the break up. The latest member to come clean is Kool A.D., who basically tells us what Dapwell shared the other day. It looks like the guys had planned on breaking up for months now, but didn’t want to break the news just yet. You know, milk things out on tour while they could, then make an announcement later on down the road. But I guess it got pretty unbearable and they decided to cut things short. At least it sounds like the guys will remain friends, though.

Read the full article over at Rolling Stone now and some choice quotes below.

“We’re more or less friends. I think he would agree that we just don’t want to be in a professional capacity. It just doesn’t make sense to have our money and our public image and our career tied up in each other, ’cause we’re trying to do slightly different things,” he said.

“The plan was that this was going to be our last album anyway,” Vazquez added. “Once we had that sort of definitive endpoint, it was kind of like, ‘Why are we even doing this? We know we want to break up.’ Like, why are we even going through the motions of another album that’s going to be a whole ‘nother year of having to hang out with each other?”

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  1. Andrew Martin
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 09:48:00

    I agree. I wish dudes had kept it goin’, but their solo output is so good it’s hard to be upset about it.

  2. Neo Huxtable
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 09:40:00

    Damn. They’ve given us 2 solid mixtapes and and a pretty good album, so I ain’t really mad. Vik and Heems have unique and funny raps with sick beat selection, so they’ll be iight if they can keep up this momentum. Dap’s a cool nigga so I ain’t mad at him either.

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