Kokayi – R3T5&DNSR5 RE1MAG1NED [Remix LP]

Kokayi – R3T5&DNSR5 RE1MAG1NED [Remix LP]

The multi-talented Kokayi showed off his production chops recently with 8BIT Ubermentals, a free compilation of beats he made from 1995-2003 . But for his new release, he has stepped away from the boards and let his friends do all the work. If you couldn’t tell from its 1337 name — sorry, it’s nerd talk — R3T5&DNSR5 RE1MAG1NED is the promised remix project of his fantastic 2010 album, Robots & Dinosaurs. And it boasts reworked versions of 10 of the album’s tracks, including Man Mantis doing his thing on “Over There” and DJ Roddy Rod taking on “Roxtar”. In simpler words: yeah, you’re gonna want this.

Stream Man Mantis’ remix below and hit the skip to download the album.

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Download: Kokayi – R3T5&DNSR5 RE1MAG1NED [Direct Link]


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