Kokayi – “Only”

To celebrate the release of his latest project, Robots & Dinosaurs, Kokayi has let loose another single from the album. Called “Only”, the track finds the rapper-singer-producer looking into the intricacies of bachelorhood. He was apparently inspired by Wedding Crashers, which to me is kind of hilarious, but in a good way. It’s good to know he took more from that movie than a few great punch lines and loads of nudity. Kokayi filled the track with a great twinkling piano line, over which he spits plenty of lyrical, personal imagery.

Stream “Only” below and download it after the jump. Also, get his damn album if you haven’t yet. It’s pretty damn great.


Download: Kokayi – “Only” [Right Click Save-As]

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  1. Really feeling this joint. Robots & Dinosaurs is one of the best albums of the year. Kokayi is truly a unique and gifted artist. Support Independent Hip-Hop QN5.com

  2. Great song from a truly unique and wonderful album.

  3. enthusiasm|

    One of the most catchy and singable songs of the year, it has so much soul in it.

  4. karakakashk|

    Gotta love that piano! Kokayi is such a beast on the boards, the mic,and just overall badassery.

  5. jainousthescribe|

    This song is real hot, moving stuff. Kookayi’s whole album is fresh, too

  6. TimmWith2Ms|

    I would think Potholes would publish more stuff by Kokayi. This guy is so diverse and amazingly talented.

  7. John Johnson|

    Soooo pretty. Great lyrics, great voice, great piano. Wonderful song.

  8. this song is the shiiizz. love the piano.

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