Knxwledge – HexualSealings.EP.1.5 [EP]

Prolific doesn’t really even begin to describe Knxwledge. The Philly producer is beyond prolific. He’s like…mega-prolific, or some shit. I mean, dude has dropped a new EP like every other week for the past few months. I can’t even keep up, but yet, I’m consistently intrigued by every update I see on his Bandcamp and Soundcloud accounts. Why? Because he’s not only a workhorse, he’s also a monster. He’s an absolute fucking beast. And that remains true here on his brief follow-up to this summer’s sensual HexualSealings project. HexualSealings.EP.1.5 might only be five tracks long, but it’s got an ill remix of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You“. Yeah. It’s like that.

Hit the skip to stream and purchase the EP.

Purchase: Knxwledge – HexualSealings.EP.1.5 [Bandcamp]

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