Kirvy – vol.two [Album]

Kirvy – vol.two [Album]

Filipino producer Kirvy put a new collection of bangers up on Bandcamp this week. Titled vol.two, he’s got ambient synth pads and dissociative drums all over the place, anchored by classic a cappellas and just enough boom-bap sensibility to tie the whole project together. Clearly at the head of his class at the knxwledge school of abstract beats-with-untintelligible titles, Kirvy’s production nods not just to knx but also Clams Casino, with judiciously applied reverb on everything and a big-picture vision.

vol.two crams a lot of ideas into its relatively short runtime, exploring cutting-edge sonic space juxtaposed with familiar, classic a capellas, showing that while the North American West Coast might be ground zero for forward-thinking futuristic hip-hop beats, Kirvy’s Phillippines might not be as far away as they seem.

Download- Kirvy – vol.two [Bandcamp]

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