Killer Mike – Pl3dge

Killer Mike – Pl3dge
Grand Hustle: 2011

You’d hope an emcee with a stage name that includes both his real first name and a synonym for murderer would never come soft. And Killer Mike certainly doesn’t with his latest effort Pl3dge. A baron of braggadocios, Mike makes no qualms about it: he’s a politically-conscious, God-fearing pimp, gangster, tough guy, realist, lover and more.

And while he aims to give you a view of this convoluted world as he sees it with his new EP, his choice of beats makes it clear he also wants to rattle the trunk straight off the back of your ride. From the aggressive and politically-charged “That’s Life 2” and “Burn” to the macho “Ready, Set, Go (featuring TI)” and the womanizers’ anthem “Player’s Lullaby (featuring Roc D the Legend and Twista)”, Killer Mike lays down hood wisdom in a relatable, excitable fashion typical of skilled southern rappers.

Slim on features (relatively speaking – this is hip-hop after all), other guests on the album include Jeezy, Big Boi and Gucci Mane, who joins Mike on the laughable track “Animal”, which includes enough animal metaphors to choke a horse and a loop of an elephant trumpeting. Really. Sincere almost to a fault, Killer Mike exhibits a lot of honesty on Pl3dge. And even though this honesty comes through as anger most times, he does have hope, as evidenced by the tracks “American Dream” and “Follow Your Dreams”.

Aside from just a few hiccups, Pl3dge is a straight-through play full of high-energy tracks, great beats and candid depictions of life as Killer Mike sees it.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. Agreed. Solid record, but not fantastic.

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