Kidkanevil – Tokyorkshire Research Inc [Album]

We’re a couple weeks behind on posting this project, but better late than never, right? Sep. 10 was the birthday of electronic music icon Raymond Scott, what a better way to celebrate the occasion than a free 27-track instrumental album from Kidkanevil dedicated to Scott and his pioneering ways? Before you panic over the tracklist, note the songs mostly range between the 30- and 90-second marks. The tape mashes together Kidkanevil’s electronic influences with his love for hip-hop in this eclectic collection of  Scott inspired beats. It’s also something of a “chose your own adventure” in musical form, meant to be listened to in any order. So put it on shuffle, sit back, and enjoy Raymond Scott given the modern Kidkanevil touch.

Hit the skip to stream and download the album.

Download: Kidkanevil – Tokyorkshire Research Inc [Bandcamp]

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