Kid Cudi – “King Wizard” [Video]

Kid Cudi – “King Wizard” [Video]

kid-cudi-grinRather than get all flashy or rely on cheap tricks for his new video, Kid Cudi keeps it strikingly simple in his “King Wizard” visuals. He is still using that kinda weird gold frame that we saw in his “Just What I Am” clip, which leaves me wondering if every subsequent video will be presented in this way. Whatever the case, I’m not mad, just making an observation. Also, am I the only one really anticipating Cudder’s new album, Indicud? I can’t be.

Watch the video below.

Update: The album is coming in March.

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  1. - [ a p v o ] -
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 12:58:00

    All I needed to see what that Indians cap he used to wear years back, Cud has returned.

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