Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse Made A Huge Impact On Mentioned Rappers’ Social Media Presences

kendrick-lamar-white-backgroundKendrick Lamar made huge waves the other day with his verse on Big Sean’s “Control“, and today we are still feeling the impact. Thanks to the good folks at BBE Booking Agency, the impact of the verse was measured and presented in a nifty little infographic. Of the artists mentioned by Kendrick, the agency gauges who made the biggest movers on social media, and who was left behind.

For the most part, the anchoring Jay Electronica felt the most love on social media from the verse. While his verse wasn’t anything special, I’m sure it ignited a curiosity from many listeners who might not have heard of him before. Surprisingly, Mac Miller also experienced a nice push from the track after being mentioned in Kendrick’s notorious verse.

Check out the full infographic below.


11 thoughts on “Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse Made A Huge Impact On Mentioned Rappers’ Social Media Presences

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  1. how did it effect Kendrick Lamar?

  2. deinemudda|

    Oh well, then I misinterpreted the infographic. Thanks for clearing it up!

  3. Agree, much love for Jay though.

  4. Mathematics|

    The chart says % change. It doesn’t mean he lost 22% of his likes, it just means he didn’t gain as many likes as he did the previous day. So to give you an example, if he had a gain of 200 new followers on Wednesday and only 5 new followers on Thursday. Thats a -97% change.

  5. deinemudda|

    I don’t believe the Facebook numbers. Drake lost 22% of his likes? Wtf?

  6. KRIT is better than these niggaz anyway.

  7. great journalism guys.

    just kidding.

  8. it was actually a lackluster Jay Elect verse.

  9. The reason why Jay Electronica had such a big change in social media is because he barely had anybody talking about him beforehand. He’s not active on the internet, so something like this got people talking about him again

  10. DavidReyneke|

    Went back. And it still sounds like every other Jay Electronica verse…

  11. Wasn’t anything special? Go back and listen again he’s saying the most. More than your usual emcee spit

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