Kanye West Doesn’t Really Make Beats Anymore, Says John Legend

kanye-west-headshotWhile we’ve lost most of our interest in John Legend, he does bring up an interesting point in a recent interview with the Breakfast Club. During the radio conversation, Legend tells of Kanye West‘s production techniques, which mostly include him providing guidance over younger producers. While this might seem alarming at first, we can’t help but feel that it makes total sense. After all, this method seems to work pretty well for super producer Dr. Dre, who has been known to enlist such producers as Scott Storch, Lord Finesse and more to create some of hip-hop’s true classics.

We do know that Kanye has done work with such producers as Hudson Mohawke, 88-Keys, Hit-Boy, S1 and more, but we aren’t completely clear as to what new acts he will pull into the studio as he continues to knock out new music. With that said, what do you think about what Legend has to say about Kanye’s creative process?

8 thoughts on “Kanye West Doesn’t Really Make Beats Anymore, Says John Legend

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  1. i think kanye should proceed his a hiphop career as a producer, not as a wack singer/songriter or rapper…

  2. Dungen E.|

    Kayne West production/beats are the dopest.. soulful and yet modern.

    hip hop instrumental

  3. Kirby Dicks|

    i think it gets annoying after a while. we get it, people can sing the same note over a violin, it doesn’t sound good when you have Big Sean saying ASSCAKES and Jay-Z talking about the fucking nets

  4. I thought this was already a well known fact.

  5. guess the last Kanye West solo production credit is going to be Otis. I kinda like the “illuminati orchestra” he has going on.

  6. LozzaMusic.com|

    He’s got Young Chop over in France right now to make his new album.

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