Kaimbr & Kev Brown – “Go Green” [Video]

Sigh. Yes, another project I foolishly slept-on and allowed to slip through the cracks of my inbox and iTunes library. I don’t really know how it happened, though, considering how much we have written about the Low Budget Crew on here in the past. Be that as it may, I slept and I deserve a bucket full of hater-ade poured on my head. OK, now that my shaming is through, let me just say one thing. This collaborative effort — The Alexander Green Project — by Kaimbr and Kev Brown is just damn good hip-hop. They complement each other perfectly on the mic and Brown’s beats are, as usual, raw and on-point. Speaking of raw, that adjective carries over to the visuals for their latest single, “Go Green”, a track that will likely have you scrambling to Fat Beats website to cop the album.

Hit the skip for the “Go Green” visuals.

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