Kaddie Lak – “Down Low” F. Thee Red Fox P. Kenneth Cartel

Funny that Charlotte-based producer Kenneth Cartel would tweet that today feels like a spottieottiedopalocious Friday because that is the first song that came to mind upon hearing his work on “Down Low”. The track serves as the first single from Cartel’s forthcoming A Summer with Charlotte EP that features fellow Charlotte, N.C. native and rapper Kaddie Lak.

The production on “Down Low” is grounded in equal parts loose-limbed jazz and Dirty South funk. Kaddie Lak’s syrupy Big K.R.I.T.-like delivery feels right at home here, and Thee Red Fox’s raw lounge vocals work wonders over wah-wah guitars and golden age samples. Between Potholes favorite Lute, the Forever FC collective and now Cartel, Lak, and Fox (who I am also now in love with after hearing her funky-as-hell 808’s and Funkbreaks EP), it would seem there’s something in the water down in Charlotte, and I’m all about it. Grab yourself a plate of yams with extra syrup and get familiar.

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