Julio Bashmore – “Husk” & “Pelican”

Julio Bashmore – “Husk” & “Pelican”

The UK funk house scene seems to be getting funkier and funkier, and Julio Bashmore is standing at the forefront of it all. “Husk” is an eight-minute long track, nothing new for fans of the genre, but the track itself is an accentuation of drums, a whistle sample, and testing the boundaries of house music to create something that breaks the formula: a Julio Bashmore original.

“Husk” breaks down when it wants to and gets lively when it needs to, giving it all the “oomf” people have come to expect from house music these days. On the flip side is “Pelican”, released a few days ago, which takes influence from the calmer, more hypnotic side of house. Overall, Bashmore has created a very unique release for his Broadwalk imprint. Stream both tracks below and download via iTunes.

BONUS: The simply strange video for “Husk”. Just…yeah.

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