Julian Malone – “Give A Eff”

Julian Malone Give A Eff Julian Malone   Give A EffAs Stones Throw has continued to shift into different realms of music outside of hip-hop, I think it is safe to say the label’s main focus hasn’t been on the rapper. Yes, Homeboy Sandman was a welcome addition, but the Los Angeles record company really needed an MC that could elevate their brand into a more accessible stratosphere. Without abandoning any artistic integrity, of course. That’s where Julian Malone comes in, Stones Throw’s most recent signee and member of the buzzing Chicago hip-hop scene made of the BRKF$T CLUB and 2008ighties.

Malone’s first offering on the new label is “Give A Eff”, a smooth-leaning, self-produced track that already illustrates how much sense this move makes. I know it’s just one song, but this refreshes my perception of the underground champion known as Stones Throw. Julian Malone has plans of dropping the Diff.Rnt mixape soon, although a release date has not yet been set. Listen to “Give A Eff” below and let us know what you think.

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