Jon Waltz Shares Excellent New Single With Allan Kingdom

Jon Waltz Shares Excellent New Single With Allan Kingdom

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Jon Waltz and Allan Kingdom, two of the brightest talents currently emerging from the pits of the internet, combine creative minds on the newly released single, “Victoria.”

Three months ago, Waltz dropped a song of the same name, a vocally altered gem swept away by the landslide buzz that soon followed its release. A precious cut equal parts personal longing and generational desire, the wet, watery record still towers above the works of many of his contemporaries. The standout in a still-growing catalog remains unappreciated. Producer NOVA deserves just as much credit, stopping the world’s spin with emanating vocal cries and strings that glide like fingers through water. Even with Jon’s toned-down register and increasingly complex raps in the foreground, the song’s feather-light atmosphere will leave you entranced.

And now it’s even better. Gone are the deepened tones of the official track’s prelude; instead, Kingdom opens the song—and its still stellar backdrop—with one of his best verses in recent memory, putting to wax words we’ve all spoken or thought in times of romantic turmoil: “I’ll just act like I don’t need ya.” Rarely ever on a beat untouched by his own hands, the Minnesota native sounds focused, refreshed and lush. His quivering croons carry on like a tightrope act swinging in the wind.

Waltz steps up to deliver what must be his umpteenth consecutive hook that will fail to leave your head for weeks if not months. His verse is just as impressive. We began praising this kid many months ago, and some might even say we were late. If you’re still holding out, get ahead of the rest while you can and stream the single below. Follow Waltz and Kingdom on Twitter.

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