Joe Budden – A Loose Quarter [Mixtape]

I contemplated not posting this, only because Joe Budden hasn’t really struck a chord with me in some time, but the list of features and producers swayed me. A Loose Quarter flaunts production from a bunch of smaller names, but also a handful of beats from the one and only AraabMuzik. Perhaps those were leftovers from the Slaughterhouse sessions. The mixtape also sees vocal features from Royce Da 5’9″, Ab-Soul, Emmany and more. I still can’t get over how ugly that cover art is, though.

Listen and download the mixtape below.

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  1. Dope MIxtape! What i like about Budden is that he has basically no tabus. He makes jokes/rhymes about anything – no matter how wrong i think he is, i still laugh about it.

  2. The Beard Hater|

    I fucking hate Buddens Beard

  3. Same. Well, I’ll peep the AraabMuzik-produced joints too

  4. I would like some, too. Also, worst album art ever.

  5. t shirts and buddens|


  6. I’m sick of hip hop album covers depicting money. I’m not that enamoured with the music but I’ll have some of that smoke too if it’s free, David.

  7. Fair enough! I just get bored of a lot of his stuff, only because it sounds so similar to me most of the time. I’m looking for a bit more innovation in hip-hop.

  8. Are we obligated to like one of those three crews?

  9. i love Joe Budden. Mood Muzik 3 was amazing. I love J. Cardim beats.

    i respect your opinion sir but honestly the dude has songs that speak to me. even recent ones like Money On Me, Aftermath, No church in the wild freestyle, climax freestyle, Momma said.

  10. u niggas have some problmes or something, what do yall like MMG ? YMCMB? cmon now, Joey goes off on this tape!!! could have been an album! and the Album cover is niiiiiice what u smoking bro? let me get some

  11. I’ll just be listening to the Ab-Soul track and moving on, lol….

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