Watch JK The Reaper’s Impressive New “Exodia” Video

jk-the-reaper-exodiaJK The Reaper, formerly known as JK The Rapper, is a North Carolina rapper making quite of bit of noise. Ironically, I listened to JK’s I’m A Loser 1.5 project about four years ago, and I remember his stand-out “Popular” single. Since then, I must admit I did not stay up to date with JK’s releases until I saw that an artist by the name of “JK The Reaper” released a new music video entitled “Exodia.” Of course, I put two and two together and had to slap myself for hoping off the bandwagon in the first place.

Since the project I heard years ago, JK started his own crew of talented individuals known as FANG, and he is also a member of Florida native Denzel Curry’s C9 group. Needless to say, JK The Reaper has been working and has evolved his style from what used to be a “I’m a loser, but I can still take your girl,” to what he now considers to be “rebel music.” His production is often mellow, his lyrics are candid and at times braggadocios, and “Exodia” is the perfect display of this. He starts the track saying “Don’t put me in that box,” probably because he is carving a lane of his own. The black-and-white music video has plenty of interesting visuals such as JK care-free spitting through what could be the sun roof of a car, hair blowing in the wind, talking his shit. Prepare yourself for the ride that is to come.

Watch JK The Reaper’s new music video, “Exodus” below.

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