Jeremiah Jae – Rappayamatantra EP

Jeremiah Jae – Rappayamatantra EP
Brainfeeder: 2011

Jeremiah Jae is so Brainfeeder. Halfway through opening track “The Dirty Collector Pt. 1”, you might think to yourself, yeah, Flying Lotus would take a shine to this Chicago based producer-rapper hybrid. With the utmost focus on cleverly placed crate-dug samples, the introduction not only lives up to the title it has been given, but also its placement. Extracting nothing but raw material, there’s no finer foundation if you want to put Jeremiah under the spotlight.

Rappayamatantra EP is, without a doubt, one of this year’s most difficult listens. With that being said, the aim is to get something out of it, rather than getting it in its’ entirety. Accessibility can be found in the few tracks that present Jeremiah with a microphone in hand. The EP’s single “$easons” finds Jae pressing the rewind button, with one of the most beautifully reflective hip-hop tracks as of late. Killer sampling adds to the hazy atmosphere; a tone that beautifully represents a trip down memory lane. “Raw Tape$”, with its daft vocal effects and absurdist aura, definitely has some Lord Quas ala Further Adventures flavor to it. If you can enjoy, let alone survive, both the path into and out of Jeremiah Jae’s world, you’re in for quite the trip.

3.5 out of 5

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