Jazz Giant Donald Byrd Dies at Age 80

Jazz Giant Donald Byrd Dies at Age 80

donald-byrdWe have the unfortunate news to report that legendary jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd has died. He was 80.

According to Amoeba, rumors began popping up on Twitter and Facebook that the jazz giant had passed away on Monday, though nothing was confirmed. Amoeba reached out to his nephew, who confirmed that Byrd died on Monday, Feb. 4.

His influence, as you may know, is massive, as he played with everyone from John Coltrane to Eric Dolphy to Ahmad Jamal while amassing a highly notable discography in his own right. Additionally, Byrd left a huge mark on the hip-hop community, and it wasn’t just through producers sampling his music. Fans of Guru’s Jazzmatazz albums know full well that Byrd’s trumpet could be heard throughout the first two releases.

For us here at Potholes, two of Byrd’s most treasured moments came when J Dilla and Madlib reinterpreted his tunes on “Think Twice” and “Stepping into Tomorrow”, respectively. You can listen to the originals and Dilla and  Madlib’s versions below. RIP. [via]

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