Jay Z Sounds Like Jay Z In New Beats Commercial Remix

jay z

Say what you will about Jay Z, but the general consensus for awhile seemed to be that the music mogul turned rap legend (and vice versa) either ran out of steam or just stopped giving a f*ck. I wouldn’t go as far as categorizing Magna Carta… Holy Grail as trash, but I’d say without hesitation Jay’s last few years of output can’t come close to touching his first—nor a handful of classics pre-Kingdom Come. And yet, Hov can still race with the best of the new school heroes. His surprise appearance on Jay Electronica’s remix of “We Made It” is more than enough proof; if not, listen to his stellar performance on the “B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” remix with rap prince Kendrick Lamar from last year. When Mr. Carter wants to go animalistic, he has more than enough talent (eternally?) burning to do so.

Not too long ago Beats Electronics released an adreneline-fueled product placement trailer for the World Cup; today, a small slice of that trailer has been rereleased—with a tongue twisting new verse from Jay Z himself. We can only hope and pray for a Jay album stacked with raps this good.

“If your God is bigger than my God up there / my God bigger than your God down here… whom shall I fear?

Until then, listen to the “Jungle” remix (and maybe pay attention to the video excerpt from Beats’ World Cup commercial) below.

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