Jay-Z – “Holy Grail” F. Justin Timberlake

magna-carta-holy-grailI’m about to head out on a three-day vacation so my apologies for this post being so short, but I know plenty of y’all want to hear this cut. As y’all know, Jay-Z‘s new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, is out on Samsung phones or whatever and to appease the rest of us, we can listen to “Holy Grail” featuring Justin Timberlake until the album drops.

You can stream the track below.

9 thoughts on “Jay-Z – “Holy Grail” F. Justin Timberlake

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  1. Steven Mace|

    Yeah…Im gonna have to dismiss you for that one

  2. Disappointed|

    maaaaan, you guys are a real buncha dick riders.

  3. TeoneSofle|

    Someone needs to REMIX the sh*t out of this…

  4. Arch Stanton|

    Terrible… There is literally nothing good about this track.

  5. Caleb Stone|

    dont sample nirvana – especially teen spirit

  6. weakkkkkkkkkkk… JT’s chorus sounds like a fucking Pink song

  7. Probably better than The Blueprint at the end of the day. Goes great with Albert Murray’s The Omni-Americans: Some Alternatives to the Folklore of White Supremacy.

  8. to me the whole album is pretty much a let down
    this track is for the kids so i won’t even judge it

  9. I don’t understand it. What is so amazing bout this song, bout Jay Z? The lyrics? Justin? The Beat? Would someone explain that to me or is it just a question of taste?

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