Jay Z – “Holy Grail” F. Justin Timberlake [Video]

jay-z-holy-grail-videoAs expected, Jay Z‘s new video for Magna Carta… Holy Grail opener “Holy Grail” is an epic, cinematic viewing experience. It’s also a lot shorter than his previous clip, the art performance piece for “Picasso Baby“, though it’s equally artsy and over the top. Again, I used the word “epic” for a reason and, really, in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek fashion. But at this point, what the hell else do you expect for Hov? Dude’s got more money than I could ever imagine, yet he’s still plagued by this desire to hop on and create trends all at once. Also, he has his buddy Justin Timberlake in the video (and on the hook), so you know some weird dancing was bound to happen.

You can watch the video below and buy MCHG on Amazon.

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