Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sign With Warner/Chappell Music

Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sign With Warner/Chappell Music

jay-z-roc-nationIn the latest bit of industry news, it appears that Jay-Z has inked a deal with Warner Music Group’s publishing arm, Warner/Chappell Music. This contract also includes the work of songwriters on his Roc Nation label. According to Forbes, Warner/Chappell can immediately begin administering Hov’s music from 2008 to now, with the majority of his discography being available at the end of the year.

Here’s what Jay said about signing the deal and his relationship with Warner publishing executive Jon Platt.

“The real meaning of success is being in the position to work with an individual you consider a friend. Jon Platt is such a person. He’s a man of extraordinary character as well as a remarkably talented executive with an ear for music and an eye for talent. It’s great to watch him grow to be one the best in the business.”

In additionally great news for Jay, he’ll be in complete control of his master recordings and his publishing rights come 2014. That’s when a previous contact with Def Jam expires and he stands to make some serious bank. It’s not like he didn’t before, but damn.


  1. Oz
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 18:42:00

    In hindsight, it was a smart move for Jay to sell his share of Roc-a-Fella to Def Jam because he would’ve had to split it 3 ways with Biggs and Dame ’til the end of time. Next year, he can have it all.

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