Jay Electronica Takes To Twitter

jay electronica

Tonight, Jay Electronica took to Twitter to address a range of topics and questions posed by fans. Unsurprisingly, the Roc Nation signee makes waves whenever he touches a social media platform, and this occurrence was no different. Self-professedly drunk off of Ciroc, Electronica’s words should probably be taken with a grain of salt and skepticism; however, several statements in particular have ignited fierce speculation and conversation.

Highlights of the lengthy barrage of tweets include beef with Vlad TV, praise sang for Miss Info, cosigns of Joey Bada$$, A$AP Rocky and Lil B, and more.

Unfortunately, nearly all of Electronica’s responses to fans’ questions were deleted soon after posting. In one such answer, though, rap’s mystery man stated that his mythical debut album – Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) –  would see the light of day this year. Cross your fingers, folks.

Visit Jay Electronica’s Twitter page here. In the inevitable event that the rest of his feed is erased, we have taken screenshots of the published tweets for all Elect fans. View what remains of the stream below.







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