Jay Electronica – “Call Of Duty: MW3” F. Mobb Deep

Still no sign of Act II but Jay Electronica did bless us with a new joint featuring Mobb Deep. Lyrically¬†“Call Of Duty: MW3” is solid but overall the production is underwhelming. It’s ironic hearing Prodigy say; put ya diamonds in the sky…considering his history with Jay-Z but he did deliver a good guest feature on this song. Jay Electronica releases new music at a snail’s pace so we should be grateful but when you consider all the build up for this song on Twitter earlier today the finished result is somewhat anticlimactic. [via]

You can stream “Call Of Duty: MW3” below and download it after the jump.

[audio:http://potholesinmyblog.flywheelsites.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Jay-Electronica-Call-Of-Duty-MW3-Ft-Mobb-Deep.mp3|titles=Jay Electronica – “Call Of Duty: MW3” ft Mobb Deep]

Download: Jay Electronica – “Call Of Duty: MW3” ft. Mobb Deep [Right Click, Save-As]

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  1. Sick track for real.

  2. Sick Track. Good to hear prodigy making music with Jay. Need the track in better quality though.

  3. Im a huge jay electronica fan but I agree with everyone else. more boring than little league baseball

  4. eh

  5. I listened to this twice now and cannot remember a single line from either artist. It’s like they both attempted to outdo each other and make the most boring, monotone verse ever. Nice work guys. Zzzzz…

  6. I’m sick of rappers who haven’t sold a record yet telling their life story on tracks like shit is gravy now just cause they suddenly got a record deal. Dusty old rags-to-slightly-less-rags stories…

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