Javis FauX – The Killswitch Theory [EP]

More often than not, I find myself gravitating toward hip-hop-leaning production built on thick bass and all sorts of synthesizers and keyboards. I’m not entirely sure why — and, really, a lot of different sounding beats are made with synths — but I’m talking the electronic ish. You know, like back when folks called shit electronica and it didn’t really mean anything, but it did. Am I making sense? Probably not. But that’s how I’m leading y’all into the genreless music of Javis FauX, a producer hailing from Atlanta who’s put together some rad synth-based material on his Killswitch Theory EP. If you like your beats a little weird and somewhat danceable, you shouldn’t let this one pass you by.

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Download: Javis FauX – The Killswitch Theory [Bandcamp]

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