Jason James & Rodney Hazard – “Fame Us” [Video]

We brought you all the promotional leaks from Jason James & Rodney Hazard’s creative collaborative project, Marvelous World of Color. We even let you download it for free! Now we are proud to bring you the mighty fine video for “Fame Us”. As expected, Jason James & Rodney Hazard had some tricks up their sleeves for this one and delivered a high-quality and thoroughly innovative video.

Hit the skip to check out the video for “Fame Us” and leave us your thoughts.

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  1. I feel a lot of the lyrics, but this is the second joint that suffers from the beat never dropping and the loop being overly repetitve (but it’s a dope 4 bar loop nonetheless). If these dudes are reading this you really should have dropped in some drums after the breakdown with the weird backwards vocals.

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