Listen to James Blake’s New Track “Building Is Still”

Listen to James Blake’s New Track “Building Is Still”


James Blake‘s BBC Radio 1 residency has become an outlet for the UK artist to showcase a number of one-off works that we might not have ever heard otherwise. Like many producer/DJs out there, Blake seems to also use the time as a litmus test for new projects. It’s unclear whether or not these loosies were ever intended for past projects, or if perhaps they are an indication of what’s to come. What we can say is that we feel ever-privileged to hear what Blake is working on and can’t wait for the new material he plays on these radio shows to hit the web on a monthly basis.

The latest track to hit the airwaves is “Building Is Still,” a distant song that is built on industrious layers of drums and vocal samples. It’s not far off from what we have heard from James in the past, but it’s obvious that a new direction is being taken. No word on what’s to come next from Blake.

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