Jamall Bufford – “10,000” P. 14KT

Jamall Bufford – “10,000” P. 14KT

buff1 Jamall Bufford   10,000 P. 14KT

It has been quite a while since the artist formerly known as Buff1 released new music, but he is finally back! It seems like he was taking part in some admirable community service, perhaps also taking a step back to look for some creative inspiration. “10,000” is a great return to form for the Ann Arbor MC, as he rides out a beat from 14KT that doesn’t quite sound like anything he has produced in the past. Perfect for Mr. Bufford, indeed, which gets us extra excited about what is to come from the member of the Athletic Mic League. We don’t know what that is yet, but we are assured that 2013 holds promise for more new tunes from Buff.

Listen to “10,000” below.

 Jamall Bufford   10,000 P. 14KT

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